Jocavi® was born in 1992 as a manufacturer of acoustic panels. The JOCAVIGROUP® is nowadays the largest group of acoustic treatment brands for the professional audio industry. Its market offers comply three different types of room acoustic treatment:
- JOCAVI® Acoustic Panels Lda. Renowned by the excellence and high performance of its products.
- ATP® Acoustic Treatment Pack. The cost-conscious brands with easy installations packs.
- AS® Acoustic Shell. Specialized in building acoustic shells for optimal diffusion in Theatres and Concert Halls.These brands congregate products and vanguard solutions oriented towards a common passion: Acoustics!
- IN® - Industrial Insulation for the construction business segment. A line of products to face big space applications such as manufacturing industries, large hangars, public transport bays and sport stadiums.

Acoustic Perfectionism is our Aim!


The original company has become the leading brand in the development and production of high-end acoustic panels.

Jocavi® is a reference brand that is well-known for the high acoustic performance of its products.

It stands out for its experience coupled with a constant need for innovation, Its twenty-four different models, made from the most varied raw materials in twelve different coulours, and which are divided into three categories, provide Jocavi® with the largest and most versatile range of acoustic panels available in the market.

A full Range of Acoustic Panels!


Acoustic Treatment Pack® is a brand of low financial cost acoustic treatment panels.

It was created in October 2009 and inherited the quality of its products from the Group's experience.

ATP® maximizes the supply of Jocavi Group's acoustic products in markets with more limited budgets.

The ATP® brand comprises twenty four different pre-calculated, easy to install "Packs", meant for several types of rooms, which are supplied with complete mounting instructions.

Makes You Fell the Sound!


AS® is a brand that sells and rents highly specialized acoustic shells which are designed in the Jocavi® laboratories (R&D).

It sells or rents to fixed or mobile facilities in theatres, auditoriums or exclusive events.

It also carries out the installation and acoustic check and enters into maintenance contracts for the acoustic shells.

We are Acoustic Shell, AS®, a company that designs acoustic diffusion shells.


The Diffusing Treatment You Will Ever Need!


IN® - Industrial Insulation is a brand that belongs to JOCAVI® GROUP. Thinking about Industrial Insulation and on construction business segment, JOCAVI® made this line of products to face big space applications such as manufacturing industries, large hangars, public transport bays and sport stadiums. This range of products completes our product range. You can find from this product line, various products for soundproofing and noise absorption such as self-adhesive insulation rolls, antivibration hardware elements, sandwich damping noise, acoustic ink and metal perforated acoustic panels. As part of the JOCAVI® GROUP, ATP® shares the engagement and experience of this organisation where high quality standards must always be attained.

A Matter of Silence!

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